Project Description

Villa Alba (2002) 

The inaugural exhibition titled “Villa Alba” was devised, curated and presented by Sarah Parker. The exhibition was a feminine interpretation of the cultural history surrounding one of Melbourne’s finest examples of 19th Century decoration. Coinciding with Kew Festival in March 2002, Villa Alba historic house was transformed into a gallery displaying a unique aspect of this cultural museum. The motivation for the Villa Alba exhibition was to present art within venues that inspire and reflect cultural exchange, making it more accessible within alternative environments.

The exhibition encouraged artist and viewer to look further into the historic Villa Alba and extend imagination with the facts of the era, and with this, the emotion that it evokes. The six exhibiting artists included Sarah Parker, Penelope Long, Margaret Snowdon, Gabrielle Courtney, Deborah Klein and Caroline Durre.

reverie sarah parker

REVERIE (2009)

The REVERIE Exhibition built on the success of the inaugural Villa Alba show. Sarah was keen to invite artists back to the house to creatively respond to the house and its history. The exhibition, REVERIE is an engagement with the concept of memory and its spatial presence expressed in a variety of mediums.

A house is a repository of memories. The character of a house is marked as much by its history as by the space itself. The space is both museum and home. A museum collects memories. The artists drew attention to the similarities and differences in the way we configure not only art, but space and how art and space speak of time.

Exhibiting Artists

Sarah Parker, Isobel Philip, Melbourne street artist – Prowla, Architect – Zvi Belling, Musician – Stephen Philip and Sound Artists – sodacake (Solange Kershaw and Damian Castaldi)

Narrative Space (2012)

Narrative Spaces was the final show in the exhibition trilogy and thematically investigated the way a house adopts its own personality over time. The REVERIE Team (Sarah Parker, Isobel Parker Philip, Daryl Prondoso, Marius Foley and Villa Alba Museum Inc.) were interested in the narratives that accumulate within a house and the traces they leave behind.

The artists took Villa Alba as their muse and reinterpreted its history, literally and metaphorically. The final show in the Villa Alba series exhibited work in a range of different mediums, from handmade books to sound installation, painting and sculptures.

Exhibiting Artists

Sarah Parker, Peter Lyssiotis, Sodacake, Niko Spelbrink, Tobias Richardson, Heidi Yardley, Marius Foley, Laurene Vaughan, Patrick Snelling, Stephen Philip, Jillian Allan, Simon Mee, Isobel Parker Philip, Daryl Prondoso, Bronwyn Brenton, Del Lumanta, Irit Pollak and The Fem Belling Trio.


More works by Sarah Parker

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